Spin Palace

Many people love casinos because they love playing slot machines. This is a love that we certainly understand. Slot machines are amazing little devices. There is a good reason that they have withstood the test of time so well. They are entertaining and simple to use. And they offer small thrills when they pay out a bit so you can keep playing. But when the bells go off and the lights start flashing and you know you have just hit a jackpot, the feeling cannot be described. It is one of the most amazing experiences in a person’s life, knowing that they are covered financially for a year, or in some cases the rest of their lives.

At Spin Palace, they understand this better than anyone. They developed an online casino—a fully featured online casino—that specifically places emphasis on slot machines. It is in the name: the allusion to the spinning reels of slot machines. This is not a distinction that went unnoticed. When they went into business in 2001, there was no other casino out there that was specializing in one particular game in quite the same way. That year, they won many industry awards from the top industry periodicals. Awards like ‘Best New Concept” and “Best New Casino” helped them secure a niche that they inhabit to this day. Spin Palace is the industry standard when it comes to playing slot machines online.

The thing about slot machines that makes them different from other games in online casinos is that they are identical to the pokies you would find in any traditional casino. Real slot machines have a screen and a button. Can you think of another thing that has a screen and a button? I can think of a few. Your computer comes to mind. So does your cell phone. Do you see where I’m going with this? Spin Palace does the best job of any casino in making the full experience completely available wherever you have an internet connection. Nothing is lost in translation because the software and graphics and sound and jackpots are all exactly the same as what you would find in any walk-in casino.

Spin Palace, just like Jackpot City Casino, is built on a solid online gaming platform based on Microgaming software. The casino licenses the basic software engine, and then builds a casino on top of it. The software engine does a couple of very important things. The first is that it provides the random number generator, which is the brain of the online casino. The second is that it provides a progressive jackpot system that is linked among casinos that use the same platform. This way, when players play at a Microgaming powered site, they are all contributing to one enormously gigantic jackpot—much bigger than what could ever accumulate at one single casino. The rest is all up to the casino itself. Which games to offer. How many games. What the graphics look like. These are all discretionary decisions. And Spin Palace did a good job. With over 300 slot machines to choose from, there are ample opportunities to spin a win. Of course, other classics, table games, e.g. like roulette can be played and won at Spin Palace!

The company established itself as reputable early on. They signed on with the government of Malta to be licensed by the LGA, which stands for Lotteries and Gaming Authority. Malta is in the EU, so any casino licensed in Malta has a lot of answering to do to the EU, which has the strictest consumer protection practices on earth. The other EU territory that grants licensing is Gibraltar, and the story is the same for both. There are only a handful of casinos licensed in the EU, but they have the strongest reputation of any online casino on earth due to the consumer protections guaranteed by the European Federation.

Spin Palace is an eCOGRA certified casino. This means that eCOGRA, an independent third party, tests the Spin Palace software on a random basis to ensure that they are putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to payouts. If they say 98% payouts, they better pay out exactly 98% of the time. And so far, Spin Palace has always delivered exactly as advertised. In order to keep their customers safe, Spin Palace utilizes the best in internet security. They have 128 bit encryption, secure firewalls, their data vaults are impregnable. Customer service is available around the clock in dozens of languages so that no matter where you’re calling from and whatever the time, there is someone there to answer your questions.

Spin Palace is one of the best casinos on earth to play slots and they know it. It might seem arrogant on their part, but they offer $1,000 absolutely free to new players just for signing up. What can you do with a $1,000 windfall at a casino? Bet big, of course. They give this as an investment because they know that if you need the extra push to sign up with them, they are not afraid to provide it. With these benefits there is no reason to balk at trying out Spin Palace. If you enjoy playing slots, then you absolutely owe it to yourself to give them a spin.