Sketching 2011 : July 29-31 Philadelphia, PA

2011Sketching in Hardware

I have sometimes almost wish'd it had been my Destiny to be born two or three Centuries hence. For Inventions of Improvement are prolific, and beget more of their Kind. The present Progress is rapid. Many of great Importance, now unthought of, will before that Period be procur'd; and then I might not only enjoy their Advantages, but have my Curiosity satisfy'd in knowing what they are to be.-Benjamin Franklin, 1788

The sixth annual summit on the design and use of physical computing toolkits. Attendance by invitation only. Presentations by every attendee. Sketching is a three-day meeting to discuss tools for physical computing prototyping: how to make them, how to make them better, how to use them, and how to teach with them.

The theme for 2011 is Invention and Improvement. Benjamin Franklin clearly saw that the trajectory of technology was not just toward incremental solutions to known problems, but in creating opportunities that had not been imagined. He saw that inventions build on each other, and work together to spawn new ideas. This years' meeting will look at how invention and improvement play off each other, where they conflict, and how electronics as a creative medium has progressed since last year.

Booking a RoomThis year's summit hotel is Le Meridien Philadelphia.
Book your room by June 28 to get the group rate. For reservations please call 215-422-8208 or email and mention the ThingM/Sketching in Hardware room block.

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Franklin InstitutePhiladelphia Pennsylvania

Summit Location

Pepper Hall
The Franklin Institute, North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Sketching Dinners

Friday, July 29, 6:15pm
Frankford Hall Bier Garden 1210 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia
(4.4 miles from Franklin Institute)

Saturday, July 30, 5:45pm
The Continental - Old City 138 Market St, Philadelphia
(2.1 miles from Franklin Institute)

Summit Hotel

Le Meridien Philadelphia at 1421 Arch Street




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